"Thank you for the fantastic coffee. My husband first saw the description about the stomach friendly coffee in the Health Magazine. As we both enjoy coffee, but do not want the gastro irritations, we ordered a bag. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that the coffee was indeed stomach friendly and yet the flavor was not compromised. Shortly thereafter we ordered ten bags for our house and another ten bags for my office in San Diego. We can once again enjoy coffee"


"Dear Hevla Coffee: I have GERD and am anemic. The coffee I had been drinking I had to discontinue not only because the acid content upset my stomach due to the GERD, but being anemic, the acid level was also inhibiting iron absorption in my diet. When I did an Internet search for low acid coffee beans and found your website, I was thrilled and skeptical at the same time and decided to order one pound for a test run, and it turned out to be fantastic. For several weeks, I had gone without the pleasure of my morning coffee. Now, I get to enjoy coffee once again every morning with no stomach upset and minimal impact on iron absorption thanks to you and your wonderful coffee. Thank you! A Grateful Coffee Drinker,"

Valerie Guastavino

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O. Ward

"Dear Hevla Coffee, Since I was diagnosed with Heartburn and Acid Reflux, I have not been able to drink any other coffee. A friend told me about your coffee and I decided to try. I'm glad I did. As I do not have the effects like I do with regular coffee. My order # was 4403. Thank you for making Hevla Low Acid Coffee, it still has the coffee taste that I enjoy without the pain."

Sincerely, Lisa Cormier

"Thank goodness for Hevla Coffee. I have a very sensitive bladder, and had to give up drinking coffee due to acidity. It is so nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee along with my husband now. Thank you Hevla Coffee Company!"

Lisa Goodale

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" Your Coffee is excellent. I have suffered with GERD for a while and had to give up coffee completely. It has been such a pleasure to be able to have a cup whenever I desire. I don't drink it everyday since I have broken the habit but that makes it even more special and enjoyable when I do splurge and have a cup. Thanks so very much for offering it."


" I had gastric-by-pass surgery. I was told I could never drink coffee again because of the acid content. I found you folks on the internet, it was the best thing I ever did. I checked with my program, they said your coffee would be fine as long as I drink my 64oz of water per day. Thank you."


"I am drinking your coffee now and of course with no side effects except for wanting more. You are a gracious and kind person and you were kind to us when we could use a bit of kindness. FUNNY THING IS, THAT FOR ALL THE YEARS THAT BOB HAS HAD STOMACH TROUBLE, HE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE ACID IN THE COFFEE, AS POSSIBLY CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROBLEM."

Linda & Bob

"The coffee really seems to work for my husband who gets real indigestion from regular coffees on the market. glad I found your website & will be ordering from you all from now on"


"Thank goodness for your coffee. Had to give it up about 6 months ago after being diagnosed with GERD. Missed coffee terribly."


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Rosemary K Swanson

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Yours truly Richard Sinkin

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