You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Q) What are the benefits of Hevla low acid coffee?

A) Hevla low acid coffee is delicious, robust and full-bodied coffee but will not give you heartburn, acid reflux, or stomach problems.

Q) Who are suitable for drinking Hevla coffee?

A) Doctors recommend our low acid coffee to people who are suffering from heartburn, indigestion, GERD and other stomach related problems.

Q) What are the ingredients in Hevla coffee?

A) The beans used in Hevla coffee are exclusively 100% Arabica (specially grown in Guatemala and roasted to absolute perfection) and of the highest quality within that already superior classification. No other ingredients are added (except for the flavored coffee); instead, several irritants are eliminated during the roasting process which produces a delicious, low acid coffee.

Q) How do you make Hevla coffee low in acid?

A) The beans being used to roast Hevla coffee undergo a unique purification process called the Darbovan Improvement Procedure that was developed in Europe more than 30 years ago. The beans, while in the green state, are treated with a high-pressure steaming and vacuuming procedure to reduce the irritants in the coffee beans before they are roasted. It effectively reduces 72 irritants formed during coffee roasting and thus reduces the acid-content. The best part is that it’s an all-natural process that no chemicals are involved.

Q) Do you have any study that shows your Darbovan acid lowering process is effective?

A) A real clinical study (, not just a lab test, had been done on the low acid coffee that were produced by the Darbovan high pressure steaming and vacumming process. The study says " In conclusion, the test coffee samples processed with a new method to improve the stomach mucosal irritation-potential of coffee charges revealed a remarkably lower stomach mucosal irritation."

Q) What is the percentage of reduced acid in the Hevla coffee?

A) We do not use a specific number or claim such. Many tests on Hevla coffee have shown that a large portion of irritants are reduced after the beans undergo an all natural high pressure steaming process. We can say with certainty that thousands of customers who previously could not drink regular coffee enjoy Hevla coffee daily without any problem.

Q) Is your process safe?

A) Our process has been utilized in Europe for over 30 years with great popularity. In fact, coffees made with this low acid procedure sold over 50 million pounds in Europe just last year.

Q) Does your process affect the taste of the original coffee?

A) Many customers just describe our coffee as Exceptional, Phenomenal and Jaw-droopingly good. Simply said, the best cup of coffee you can ever had.

Q) Is there tannic acid in Hevla coffee?

A) Our coffee beans are processed using an all natural steaming process that reduces a large portion of the irritants. We cannot say for certain if the tannic acid is affected by the process. However, we have several customers who were told to avoid tannic acid are now drinking Hevla coffee daily without any problem.

Q) Is your coffee fresh?

A) Hevla coffee are high quality, freshly roasted low acid coffee that isn’t the old, stale canned stuff you buy in the supermarket. Our low acid coffee comes directly from the roasters to you, so it’s amazingly fresh.

Q) What flavors do Hevla offer?

A) Hevla low Acid Coffee comes in a myriad of roasts and flavors for you to enjoy. Everything from dark roast to espresso to gourmet blend to flavors like Amaretto, French Vanilla, and more. Sizes range from 5 lb. bags, 12 oz bags, and 2oz sample bags.

Q) What is the difference between Gourmet Blend and Dark Roast Blend?

A) Gourmet Blend is smooth with a rich bold taste while Dark Roast blend has stronger tasting that is obtained by roasting the beans a bit longer.

Q) Is Hevla coffee organic?

A) No, Hevla coffee is NOT certified organic. We use 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality to roast our coffee. The beans have been previously treated using an all natural process before they are roasted.

Q) Is Hevla coffee Gluten Free?

A) Our coffee beans do not contain gluten and are not treated with any gluten products, but there is the possibility of cross-contamination from gluten products in the barrels where the coffee is shipped. Thus, we cannot guarantee that the product is 100% gluten-free.

Q) Is Hevla coffee Kosher certified?

A) Yes, we have been Kosher certified for years.

Q) Are chemicals used in the DECAF process?

A) No chemical is used whatsoever. The Decaf process is water-based.

Q) Is Hevla Coffee available in Ground or Whole Bean?

A) Yes, Hevla coffee is available in Ground or Whole Bean. Just indicate your choice when placing an order on-line or tell our agent when you are placing a phone order.

Q) Do you have any nutritional information about Hevla coffees?

A) Currently, we do not have any formal documentation on the nutritional information on our coffee. Our low acid coffee is all natural and has no chemicals in it.

Q) Is there any calories in your Dark Roast ground coffee?

A) The dark roast ground coffee has no calories until you put something (e.g. sugar, milk, etc) in it.

Q) Where is Hevla coffee roasted?

A) Hevla coffee is roasted and exclusively, privately labeled for Hevla. The roasting facility has been roasting coffee since 1995 in Texas, but the facility is not open to the general public.

Q) How much water should I add per 8 oz of water?

A) A general rule of thumb is to use 2 tablespoons or 1/8 of a cup per 8 oz of water. It also depends on personal preferences.

Q) Can I store coffee in a freezer?

A) We generally don't recommend storing coffee inside a freezer. Coffee is porous. If given the chance, coffee can also absorb other things like the flavor of seafood or the moisture in your freezer. This moisture will in turn deteriorate the coffee and even make it taste like…. a freezer.

When coffee is roasted, the beans release their oils and essences to give the coffee its distinct flavor. You'll notice these oils are more prominent on Dark-Roasted coffee and Espresso. When you break down these oils by freezing, you are removing the flavor.

Q) What is your airtight storage solution about?

A) Storing coffee and keeping it fresh is one of the most underrated aspects of enjoying a truly great cup of coffee. We offer airtight, zipper-lock coffee storage bags that will keep your coffee fresh for 6-9 month inside the packaging. All storage units are re-useable.


Ordering Questions

Q) Can I purchase Hevla coffee in stores?

A) No, Hevla's version of Gentle Java (low acid coffee) is not available in stores. The coffee ships right from the roaster to your doorstep, so it’s fresh and delicious.

Q) Is Hevla coffee available in Regular and Decaf?

A) Yes, Hevla coffee is available in Regular and Decaf. If you are interested in Regular coffee, the all natural steaming process reduces the irritants in the coffee beans, but leaves the taste and caffeine intact.

Q) Do you offer free samples?

A) Unfortunately, due to numerous requests for samples on a weekly basis, we are currently unable to offer free samples. However, you can be assured of the quality of all our listed products.

We do have the "Try It You'll Love It Promo" and I am sure you will love our coffee. Please click HERE for further details.

Q) How is the retail price of Hevla derived?

A) Although the irritant-reduction process must be implemented in addition to (rather than in conjunction with) other processes which beans must undergo to become coffee, the pricing of Hevla coffee remains low in keeping with other gourmet blends of the same quality.

Q) How secure is the Hevla website?

A) The Web site is secured with GoDaddy's SSL Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. We value our customer's privacy and protection and ensure that the transactions are secure.

Q) Will my personal information be disclosed to third parties?

A) Hevla Coffee Company is extremely concerned about protecting your privacy and confidentiality. Any and all of the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned. Any information you provide will be held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to. Please click HERE to read about details of our privacy policy.

Q) Do I have to pay tax?

A) Hevla Coffee Company is based in Colorado and we are obliged by law to collect sales tax for purchases made in Colorado, unless you possess an in-state distributor/retailer license that allows you to purchases items with a tax-exempt status.

Q) How do I use my reward points to pay for an order?


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Add items to your cart.
  3. You will see the “Redeem Your Reward Points” section below the items that you have selected, and you can see the number of points you have.
  4. Enter the number of points you want to apply to this order. You can use a portion or all of your points.
  5. Click "Submit ".
Please note: If you don't have enough points to pay for the entire order, the cart will prompt you for an additional payment method in subsequent steps.


Shipping Questions

Q) How does your FREE Shipping work?

Please click HERE for details.

Q) What are your shipping & handling rates?

A) Free shipping for orders over $85 on Hevla coffee (not valid with trial sizes, accessories, etc.) and orders under $85 are calculated based on FedEx rates.

Q) Do you ship internationally or to Canada?

A) We normally ship to the 48 states in the US, but we do ship to Canada on special request but we don’t ship to other countries. Please note that there is a minimum value of $100.00 (excluding S&H) for orders shipping to Canada. We will provide detail shipping charges when we know your exact address.

Q) Will I be notified about the tracking number?

A) Yes, we will send you a email notification about the tracking number of your order once the item(s) is/are ready for shipment.

Q) When can I expect to receive my coffee?

A) All our coffees are freshly roasted so customers can receive high quality coffee. We normally ship out any order within 3-5 business days, though sometimes it can be faster. Do allow another 5-10 business days for shipment time depending on locations.

Business Questions

Q) Can we make money by referring customers to you?

A) Yes, we certainly value your referrals and look forward to growing our business with your help. You have a number of options such as: getting 500 reward points for every referred customer, signing up for our affiliate program, and/or setting up a website and having us drop-ship for your business. If you are serious and can refer customers consistently, please feel free to contact us.

Q) How do I become a distributor or drop-shipper?

A) This program is for e-commerce website owners who maintain a secure shopping cart (a website is required, or proof that one is being developed). Please send us the URL of your website for pre-qualification purpose. Once approved, you just need to fill out a short one-page application form and pay a $25 setup fee. This setup fee includes brochures and samples so you can better understand our products.

Q) If I were to join the drop-ship program, is there any way to send orders to Hevla through our system automatically instead of having to hand-enter all orders into Hevla's system?

A) Yes, it would be possible but only if you would be able to generate orders on a regular basis. We will try to help you to develop some back end integration with our system.