The relationship between an acidic body and cancer are still indefinite; however, studies have shown that patients who suffer from cancer also have a hyper-acidic body chemistry. There are two primary reasons why the body becomes acidic during cancer prognosis: stress and diet. The stress that the body takes during a cancer onset causes it to produce a hyper acid response. The stress in the body depletes the adrenaline in the body’s cells. Adrenaline is a compound responsible for extracting the glucose reserves in the cells and converting it into energy for the body. Lowered adrenaline levels can become a reason for a glucose build up and depletes the oxygenation. This can cause damage overall and breaks the continuous Krebs Cycle happening that can lead to cellular mutation.

The increase of glucose buildup in the cells causes pathogens that are inherent in cancer cells feed off on it causing fermentation which causes the acid level of the body to increase. The body’s acidity is primarily attributed to these acid byproducts. Stress response hormones that ferment can also cause the lowering in the body PH level, which means more acidic.

Aside from this, it has been seen that an unbalanced diet can ultimately lead to the rise of acidity in the body. Each kind of food a person consumes has a corresponding acidity or basicity. Some are alkaline and some are acidic in nature. Fruits and vegetables in their raw form are alkaline in nature while meat is considered acidic. Most of the popular beverages and condiments we use and consume are acidic. People who consume highly acidic foods are prone to the buildup of high acidicity (low in PH levels) in the body. Coffee for one is considered acidic. A person can make a healthy decision to reduce the acidity of their coffee intake by trying low acid coffees, like Hevla Low Acid Coffee.

Using Nutrition to Balance your Acid Levels

Balancing the acid levels in the body can be a tricky thing to do, but is not beyond reach. There are many things that can be done on the side of utilizing an effective diet plan to alkalinize the body gradually. Studies have shown that most foods that have an influence in the prevention of cancer in the body are alkaline in nature. This means that consuming healthy food that helps balance your body's PH will also help you prevent cancer cells in your body.

There are several alternatives to your diet that are both nutritious and helpful to alkalinize the body in general. For example, most fruits and green leafy vegetables are particularly helpful in lowering the body PH exponentially. Most alkaline foods have antioxidant properties that help protect the cells from wear and tear as well as mutations. Antioxidants and chemicals such as Beta Carotene are responsible in helping cells thrive and repair and provide important regenerative elements that promote continuous cellular growth.

Starting a green leafy diet is one of the most effective and tested methods of lowering the acidity of the body in general. Plant based foods such as vegetable, legume and fruits will help gradually lower the body acidity which is contrary to some of the foods which we love to consume such as beef, pork, beef, chicken (generally all meats and high protein substances have an acidic content to them) beverages such as coffee have an even higher acidity level.

Keeping the body within this PH range is important to ensure that the body’s cellular functions are kept on cycle. Getting a lower PH than the optimum levels can lead to acidosis of the cells and even far worse conditions such as a coma and even death. Alkalosis, which is severe alkalinity in the body is also bad, and can result to convulsions, nerve damage and spasms. It is important to maintain the optimal PH level of the body to ensure proper cellular functions and combat possible mutation and damage.

Coffee is a popular consumed drink that has high levels of acid. low acid coffee has less acid than regular coffee. There are different methods in producing low acid coffee and Hevla Low Acid Coffee Company has chosen a more natural approach which involves a high pressure steaming and vacuuming process that is very effective in removing the acid content (removes 70+ harmful irritants) of coffee beans while preserving the original coffee aroma.

There are no definite links between acid and cancer, but it is clear that an acidic body has overall harmful consequences on your body. Reducing your stress and a healthier diet can reduce acidity in your body. You can start by switching to Hevla Low Acid Coffee today!