Every year, millions of people succumb to different kinds of painful gastrointestinal problems. According to statistics, about four million adults suffer from different gastric problems in America alone. The trouble with gastric diseases is that it prevents people who suffer from them to enjoy food and beverages which they could normally enjoy; especially coffee.

This is primarily because most gastrointestinal problems are PH sensitive, which means that the tissue lining the stomach and throat are now more sensitive to acid compounds, which it would normally be able to tolerate. This means that most people suffering from problems, like Hyperacidity, GERD, or heartburn, are advised by their doctors to minimally consume or give up altogether coffee because of coffee's high acidic levels. Coffee is more than a beverage, but is a facet of culture in most people, so this could be unwanted news.

According to studies that follow symptom onset for most people that suffer from gastric disease, coffee is listed as one of the major symptom provokers because of the patient’s inability to quit its consumption. Take the example of GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), coffee is not a causative agent of the condition, but is a proponent for reflux, because once a patient suffers from GERD, his esophageal tissues cannot tolerate the same acidic conditions it would under normal cellular health. The otherwise unharmful acid content of coffee becomes an abrasive to the tissue causing pain.

Thankfully coffee lovers who suffer from gastro intestinal problems, you can continue to enjoy you favorite beverage without consequence with products, such as Hevla's Low Acid Coffee. Making the switch to Helva Low Acid Coffee can allow you to enjoy the benefits of coffee, without the unwanted side effects. Coffee is a great stimulant and has been scientifically proven to contain helpful antioxidants that help the body renew its cells making you live longer and stay healthier. Coffee even contains mild pain killing properties. Many physiatrists recommend drinking a cup of coffee before an intense workout as well as after you finish your exercise regimen to suppress muscle pain.

Coffee also helps the body by providing a high level of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help ward off cancer. Studies have shown that coffee is rich in compounds that help protect cells and promote oxygenation in the body. Certain types of coffee which are low acid contain additional compounds that are good for the body and have a higher antioxidant count because of the way they are prepared and where they are dried.

Helva Low Acid Coffee was specifically developed to provide an alternative for people who couldn’t enjoy regular coffee without compromising its taste and flavor. There is no such thing as a low acid coffee plant, but the introduction of new methods where coffee beans are brewed and processed have greatly helped lower its acid content and have given rise to the stomach friendly low acid coffee products.

With consumers becoming more conscious about the things they eat and how it affects their overall health condition, more companies are jumping the bandwagon and have produced retail versions of low acid coffee to cater to a customer base that want stomach-friendly coffee products. Hevla remains a pioneer in this area and has adopted a natural process which differentiates itself from other companies that use a chemical approach.